Wednesday, July 1, 2009

gram scale

It took me a few months longer than I would have liked, but I finally got there. Here are two large (if I do say so myself) bottles of >99% ee enantiomers of my branching point compound. There should be more than 100 g of each, and there is a bit more coming through the resolution still. This is the culmination of seven steps and one resolution.

take that, Baran

It took a hell of a lot longer to get here than I had planned, but now I should be able to make dozens of targets and their enantiomers without ever having to repeat any of those steps again.


Jim said...

Your TLC is ready

scientist 1 said...

Iodine, bitches!

It's quick, very general, cheap, and not nearly as messy as a spray or even a dip. If you forget the plate in the tank for a few days and it's not readable, a little airing out usually does the trick.