Sunday, November 28, 2010


I've been too busy to post anything in a while, but some friends and I took some time off yesterday evening too cook and hang out.

Last week, I stumbled on to Gianni TV, and watched his cooking videos one of which has a great looking porchetta. Oddly I had been thinking for a while I wanted to make a braciole or pinwheel steaks, so this really motivated me to cook it. As it happened whole pork loins were also on sale for really cheap at a store near my house, so that was the clincher.

I roll cut the loin.

As it happened there was fresh sage and rosemary in my landlords garden, so in it went with garlic after a quick chop.

I spread it out evenly, and added fresh cracked pepper. I've made butterflied pork loin stuffed with sauteed onions and swiss before, and thought it was great, so I added it to this one as well.

After rolling and tying, it was rubbed with olive oil, covered with pepper and salt, put on a bed of the same herbs, and a bit of wine and water was added.

It was cooked in two stages. At 350 till it was done, rested till the internal temp was coming back down, and at 500 until nicely browned and crispy.

Resting after stage one, don't the silicone ties look like earthworms?

And that's when the camera battery died. It came out tasty, I added more wine and reduced the drippings to make a jus, and we had some turnips and carrots with it. Overall it was pretty bad ass.