Monday, June 29, 2009

gross, but funny

I've had an ingrown hair along my jawline for a long time now. I don't get ingrown hairs too often, and usually when I do it comes out with some fussing/scratching/picking. This little bastard had resisted all my weak attempts to free it, and just festered. It was also in a place that was difficult for me to see, so it was hard to see what could be done about it.

Early last week I had finally had enough and decided to actually take care of it, and to even try to do it the proper way to provide the best results. I scratched the dead skin off the top of it, then put a concerted effort into not touching it for several days except to clean it. I shaved carefully around that area, and let it rest a day. I waited until right after a hot shower, and then took a clean pin and gingerly poked at it. Immediately a small loop of hair popped out! I put the pin in the loop and popped the end out, and that little fucker was ~1/8" long. I left it, and figured I would leave it a day, shave then, and hopefully the issue would be resolved.

Two or three hours later it was still a bit sore, and similarly irritating. I went to the bathroom, and gave it a small pull, and a lot more hair came out! The whole thing came out and wasn't attached at the root anymore. In the end it was more like 1/2" than the originally exposed 1/8". It was such an odd feeling and sight that I snapped a pic.