Sunday, June 14, 2009

xmas trip

I kept forgetting to post this, but better late than never.

This last holiday season my girlfriend and I went to visit my parents for a few days. My girlfriend and I live in different states, and see each other only once every two or three months. The though it's weird to have sex under my parents roof was a little disconcerting, but desperate times call for desperate measures.

On the flight there, my lady and I were discussing how we were going to pull this off with a minimum of fuss. We figured condoms were the way to go, so my mom wouldn't have to launder DNA impregnated sheets, and I grabbed a flight sickness bag so we could use it as our own personal trash bag for a later, surreptitious, disposal.

Everything went as planned, and I ended up packing the little goodie bag and bringing it back home with me. After I had landed and was commuting back, it occurred to me that I had inadvertently left a nice trap for the TSA. There wasn't a note in my bag indicating it had been searched, which actually surprised me a bit. In addition to packing the latex balloons of genetic material, I had a bunch of tools I had purchased on the trip as well.

Here is a series of me unpacking what I had flown back with.

bag full of dirty laundry

xmas socks and underwear from mom

there's some more interesting things

and the goods

In retrospect, I think it would have taken some actual effort to come up with a better trap for the TSA. Too bad they didn't fall for it.


Mike said...

Do X-rays affect "baby-batter"?

scientist 1 said...

I'm sure they do, but I think not as much as a week in a bag at room temperature.

james said...

I'm telling your mom!

PS, thanks for posting a bag of your spooge on the internets.

Jim said...

The possibilities for inappropriate comments on this one are endless. . .