Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Waste Disposal

Let say that hypothetically you are a member of an organic research group at a well regarded department. What would you do with this form?

Yeah, I know it's complicated. Sure you are here to get a PhD in organic chemistry, but that doesn't mean that you can fill out one of these crazy hard waste disposal forms. Good thing that we keep these forms conveniently stored in a folder with easy to follow instructions.

Where can I find instructions to dispose of wastes of space?


scientist 1 said...

I don't get it. You want it to be less convenient?

Dr. Miller said...

I just think that it is funny that there is one blank space to fill in on the form and the folder containing said form has instructions for how to fill it out. Maybe you just have to work with these people to appreciate their level of competence.

scientist 1 said...

Aside from the boss and lab manager, I'm the only american in the group. I never take that sort of stuff for granted anymore. No one here wants to break rules, but it happens very often, usually due to misunderstanding of important details.

Brandon said...

"well regarded"?
Should that G be a T?