Wednesday, July 22, 2009


I spent this last week helping my Hot Baby move to California. Aside form the usual bits of car trouble and bad weather, it went very well.

The first part was spent in Austin packing, preparing and saying goodbye to people. I miss Austin a lot, but seeing things like the Cathedral of Junk, which I was unaware of when I lived there, make me miss it even more. Here's a grainy video I took of one small part of the Cathedral.

not bad for a vid from a phone, really

The drive to the bay area was long and, mostly, uneventful with some beautiful views once we were out of west Texas. Once we made it to the East bay, the usual housing issues were resolved, and there was even some time for sightseeing. We even had a chance to go out with Hillary and Dave for dinner and drinks one night.

As it turns out, all the bad things you hear about Oakland are entirely true. just look at the size of the rats in out hotel bathroom!

the dark one is longer than the toilet bowl when layed out


james said...

good thing you trapped them! now they won't get out into the kitchen.

Jim said...

I bet they would taste good in a stew.

Dr. Miller said...

Is Esther postdocing in the Bay Area? Congrats to Dr. Esther!

scientist 1 said...

Yup, Dr. Hot Baby, PhD, is at Berkeley now.

Esther said...

yep! at berkeley. still playing with frogs. its been pretty fantastic i have to say! Thanks Kenny!