Thursday, July 30, 2009

more errors

Jim should like this one. In today's JACS ASAPs someone has a four component reaction, and published this graphical abstract on the website:

nice colors

I looked at it for a second not knowing what was wrong, but that something was up. Then I noticed that they have the same nitrile containing amide twice with different colors and slightly different drawing conventions. I assume that they used the colors for clarity of functional group positioning in the product, and that the difference in nitrile representation is simply a typo. However they may just be trying to make themselves look good, and indicate more strongly that the two components that are the same component are in fact two components. As everyone knows the greater the number of components in your multi-component reaction, the larger your chemistry phallus appears to be.

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Jim said...

I bet they used the different colors to try and pull a fast one on us, because they draw it as 2 eq. of nitrile in the paper. I had to look at that one for a little bit to even figure out what was going on. Its nice that they put a proposed mechanism in the paper and don't even seem to talk about it.

And they didn't even reference the pretty flower paper.