Friday, October 23, 2009


It's hard to say if this is completely and utterly awesome, or just another interesting blip on the radar that may someday make it into textbooks.

JACS ASAP, DOI: 10.1021/ja9061097

I had and organic prof. years ago who referred to fullerenes as full of shit arenes, due to all the press they had garnered with little real applications found. They still have produced relatively little, especially when compared to sibling compounds such as carbon nanotubes, but every now and then something really neat like this comes out.

Also I learned a new word today, that I wish I hadn't: Suicidality.


sam said...

Thanks for this. That's cool!

Jim said...

So is a bucky ball cheaper than Pd/C or good ole Zn/AcOH. Maybe I could use it on this nitrile I can't reduce.

scientist 1 said...

I did a quick calculation the other day, but decided to leave it out. If I remember the 5% Pd/C at 5% load for a gram of nitrobenzene was ~$3 and the fullerene was ~$7. Zinc would probably kick either compounds' ass in price, but I think the work up deserves a lot of merit here. Filter. No leached metal to worry about.