Thursday, September 11, 2008

"so I was doin' this chick in the pooper, right?"

Why don't more conversations I'm involved in start this way? That conversation is going to be nothing but gold, whether it's heard from a guy or a girl. Of course girl would be way more interesting.

I mean there is really no downside. If it is an awesome story of sex and debauchery, of course I want to hear it. If it is an awesome story of sex and debauchery with some sort of odd twist (interruption, mistaken identity, loss of consciousness), also wanted to be heard. If it is a story purporting to be awesome and of the sex and debauchery variety, but is actually an uncomfortable and strange tale that is difficult to both tell and listen to, still awesome. It will just find its awesomeness in other ways at a later date, perhaps in its retelling.

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