Saturday, September 27, 2008

miracles of modern science

I just read an article that came out in nature a few months back, that is so intriguing I had to share. I unceremoniously ripped it off and have it here for your viewing pleasure.
Nature, 2008, 453, 267

There are so many wonderful things in this teeny article it's hard to know where to start! In ongoing research to reduce the failure rate of condoms, which seems hover at the 1% mark, a team developed a testing device to more closely mimic real world conditions. The novel machination's aptly named 'thrust-hole' is adjustable to, presumably, mimic the differential in opening aperture one might encounter with differing partners and/or orifices.

To determine the type of failure that was in need of alleviation 972 condoms with breaks that had been returned to the company were examined. What a fun job, isn't science neat?


Anonymous said...

who returns these things??

scientist 1 said...

It would be even better if it was returned stapled to a picture of a pregnant girl.