Friday, February 5, 2010

storm watch 2010!

I'm in the middle of the terrifying snowstorm that's ROCKING the mid-atlantic! When I got up early to go to work today "just in case" the storm closed everything down before I could make my escape the train platform was BARREN! In fact no one got on the train I used to go to work! When I got to the lab every one of the brave souls I work with had braved the distinct possibility of snow that had been predicted! It was truly awe inspiring!

Several hours later, after virtually every school and government office had been closed, the snow began! Here is a harrowing look into the snowy, snowy eyes of potential doom outside the lab!

brrrrrrr ... just looking at it brings back harrowing memories!

Because I had gotten up so early "just in case", I left early because I was tired as fuck, and not a moment too soon! Look at this incredible accumulation in the foreground already! It's only 2:30 pm!

oh dear Lord! just look at the limited visibility!

I thank my lucky stars and the sweet Lord above I was able to make it home through this harrowing, harrowing event!