Saturday, February 6, 2010

snow, glorious snow

Well, we got some snow last night, and I'm pretty much stuck here now. Motorcycling in the snow may be fun but it's not very practical, and the Metro stops servicing to above-ground platforms at 8+ inches of snow (insert "that's what she said" joke here) so I have no way to get to work aside from walking 6 miles.

I decided to make myself somewhat useful, and dig out some pathways around the house. I love the snow and winter, so it was actually pretty nice to be outside in it for a few hours, but being a nerd I think the manual labor is going to royally kick my ass in the aftermath for the next few days.

as you can plainly see, it's uphill both ways


Mike said...

Jim said...

Thats almost as big as me. .

scientist 1 said...

I love both of those. Too awesome.

James said...

i've been reading the dictionary!

and i love crabcakes!