Wednesday, November 11, 2009

great idea

Yesterday our lab and another had the privilege to go have lunch with Philip S. Portoghese and see him give a seminar later. During lunch we were talking about journals and the state of the business of journals, he's been the editor of J. Med. Chem. for 37 years, and ACS's new headache inducing paper journal format where they have two pages of material per page of paper came up. I mentioned that it felt like I was reading a girlie magazine whenever I turned it sideways to flip through the issue, and someone else in attendance remarked that we should have a centerfold with a reaction or compound of the month. What an awesome idea! People would be vying for the cover with pretty pictures, but others would be competing to get the centerfold with great science! Truly an idea who's time has come!

I said something stupid, and would like to clarify. You usually get the cover by publishing good work, but the cover itself is something pretty that is related to the work, and usually not the work itself.

The centerfold could be pure, unadulterated, awesome science.


Jim said...

I know your just waiting for an opportunity to get a little 'alone' time with a Krische centerfold.

scientist 1 said...

As soon as I see a Krische centerfold I'll know it all about style, and not about function. The centerfold will then be relegated to just another article I merely scan over looking for highlights.

Mike said...

Ummm....can someone explain to me how this got into JACS????!!!!

scientist 1 said...

You don't like that? It seems kinda neat to me.

Plus he's at Scripps FL.

Mike said...

I think it's a great reaction! So did Shawn:

Not much new in the JACS article other than making the cyclization precursor in a different manner.

scientist 1 said...

There are many ways to do that, including Shawn and Andy's sweet method, however I don't recall any using an allylic alcohol as a nucleophile equivalent.