Wednesday, July 2, 2008


The cover story for the newest C&EN is green fireworks. The first thing I thought of when I saw it was "that's stupid", but after reading it I see that there may be a use for less smoky and toxic fireworks. Some of our LANL brethren even started a business based on them.

I bet green fireworks will have very little benefit for the delinquents who, like me as a youth, use them for wonderful non-intended things like destroying insect populations with explosions and hellfire. Not to mention how much dangerous exciting fun it was purposely misusing them. It's surprising how entertaining it is to shoot bottle rockets out of your hands into a ditch, or throw them at each other when your 12. Well, any age, really. There's nothing quite so exciting as taking something thats obviously dangerous and very cheaply made and significantly modifying it for increased danger. All you need is alcohol to complete the fun.

As I fondly think back I don't believe less smoke would have been much of a benefit in light of the piles of corpses, paper, and ash we left behind.

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