Saturday, July 5, 2008

happy 4th

Liam and I went down to see the fireworks tonight in DC. They have one of the best displays in the country, if not the best. You wouldn't know by asking us, as it turns out.

We took the metro there, cause driving to an event like this is retarded. We aimed to get there right about the time it started to not have to stand around waiting for the goods. We figured we would just walk up Constitution ave. like I did last year, instead of waiting in all the crowds.

Everything followed this plan until I decided I needed a cup of coffee, and Liam needed to pee. We stopped at a Starbucks, because even though they suck, they are convenient. We had plenty of time for the side trip. We had plenty of time to wait for the coffee, which actually didn't take long at all. As it turns out we didn't have enough time to wait in the bathroom line.

We exited the coffee shoppe and basically heard the fireworks come to an end. I joked about how hilarious it would be if we had missed it. We had missed it. While it was very funny, it wasn't as funny as I had joked about seconds before.

We made our way back to the Metro, with a huge fucking wall of people about a block behind us, and actually got a seat to go to Adams Morgan. Oddly when we got to the Adams Morgan stop, I realized it was the first time I had been there since I beaned a random schmuck with a tennis ball. We looked in the track for a ball and found this one (sorry for the poor quality phone pic):

Looks like our ball, but who knows. Great sanitation job WMATA, why don't you spend a little more time cleaning up after my ass.


Dr. Miller said...

Why did you emit the part about getting a blow job from a hooker in the starbucks' bathroom?- the real reason why you missed the fireworks.-benny

Dr. Miller said...

that is benny of benny and mike- visiting Dr. Kenneth Miller for the weekend.

scientist 1 said...

Gotta save something to post tomorrow.