Wednesday, May 28, 2008

organic chemists are indeed lazy

No shit chemists are lazy, I found an error today in Org Lett that actually surprised me a little.
Papers are always peppered with mistakes, sometimes liberally, but I feel like some things shouldn't get fucked up. These guys made a natural product, Sanguiin H-5 with a nice axial chiral center. Here is the natty-P from the graphical abstract with a strategic bond highlighted, and the final structure of the final scheme.

The two were obviously were drawn differently which really makes no sense, but is mainly an issue with picky people like me, and there is a relatively major error in the final product drawing. Can you find it? It's not the little S in parentheses either.

I always wonder why people don't proof read their shit a little better. After who knows how much effort went into making a molecule the paper shouldn't be a hack job just to get it out. A missing punctuation mark or reagent is no big deal, but the final structure REALLY should match the target a little better.

Now I guess I should stop being lazy and get back to the bench.

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Dr. Miller said...

Natural products with protecting groups are the best!