Thursday, May 29, 2008

Bear Hunting

I have never been much of a hunter, but when I mentioned to my gun nut uncle that Stephanie's grandfather goes bear hunting, I was cajoled in to planning a hunting trip in the Bitterroot mountains of northern Idaho.   Grandpa Dick shot a bear on the first full day we were there. 

My Uncle on the right and Grandpa "deadeye" Dick on the left

My favorite part of the picture is the tongue hanging out in a cartoonesque kind of way.  Next task was skinning the bear since my uncle wanted to make a bear rug out of the hide.

Can you guess the sex?

Here is the finished product.  Enjoy! 


scientist 1 said...

I love the shot of the bear's garbage.

Why do hunters always have a pic of them holding up the head? Like the fact that they can do that proves it is more dead than just getting the pic in the first place?

scientist 1 said...

Is the garbage going to be on the rug?

Brandon said...

My parents have a mama and 4 cubs living in a tree 2 doors down. Remind me to show you the pics.