Monday, July 12, 2010

periodic awesomeness, fuck yeah!

I stumbled onto this beauty via Boing Boing today:

sold by Modern Toss, out of England (obviously)

I love the fact that it has a certain periodicity to it. The upper right 'element' "Tit" is about as light and unreactive as it gets, and the lower left has "You Stupid Fucking Arsehole Cunt" which is pretty fucking heavy. There is also a nice vertical trend, as well.

How they mismatched the example Cock and the actual Cock colors and values is beyond me, but the general product is excellent.


Jim said...

Go synthesize some GfbYafc

scientist 1 said...

Do you mean GfbYsfc?

As an organic chemist, I really try to stay away from the lower Balls group elements, and lower periods in general.

Besides is Gfb even stable when monovalent?