Sunday, May 16, 2010

that looks familiar

Check out my new and old motorcycle keys.

I went to go see The Business play on Thursday, and while I was at the show my motorcycle was stolen. Again.

Miraculously, it was also found and returned the next day, with the helmet still attached.

Apparently pushing a motorcycle out of a parking spot and a couple of blocks down the street in front of busy restaurants and bars, all the while bits and peices of the dangling helmet breaking off as you go doesn't alarm anyone.

Oddly the next day someone saw it and thought it shouldn't be there and called the cops, go figure.

After it had been towed to a lot by order of the police ($240, cash only, for almost 2 miles tow), I went and picked it up. The thieves hadn't had much time with it so all they had really done, aside from dropping it a few times, was break open the ignition lock. Luckily I was able to easily hotwire it, after having had some practice in the recent past.

I guess I need to invest in an alarm.


james said...

or a new key

scientist 1 said...

Thus far the key has not really come into play in either theft. I would think that leaving it like it is would actually be safer, because people who want to jimmy the lock or try to jump a contact will be stopped short and confounded. Someone who actually knows how to hotwire it will have no trouble in either instance.

In fact, someone who wants to hotwire it now may have a harder time, because the wires are not directly connected to the lock anymore and are harder to identify amongst the wiring harness.

james said...

my bad, so they never actually turned it on, just dragged it a couple blocks... bizarre

scientist 1 said...

The previous thieves broke open the lock, couldn't figure it out, then wired a standard house light switch in, and just rested it on the pile of wires in the front of the wiring harness.