Wednesday, January 13, 2010

that's the key 2

After the mild debacle the other morning, I wasn't too surprised to find yet another problem on the way home. Apparently the taillight doesn't come on when the run circuit is jumped, and nothing else. This little tidbit was conveyed to me by a nice motorist who took the time to tell me on my way home at night. I wish I had known that before dark, but at least there were no issues due to it.

I did a small bit of research, and found I just needed to jump four of the five wires in the starter. Conveniently two of those wires come from one being split after the ignition connector that I was jumping already, so I just needed to connect the two pairs at the junction connector. Instead of making two different wire jumpers, like the little piece of shit I was already using, I cut the Molex type connector off of the old broken ignition, soldered the ends together, and after some heat shrink I had my new key.

Which should last me until the weekend when I have time to actually work on the ignition switch. I even cut the tooth off of the connector so it doesn't lock in place, and I can remove it in only several minutes of dicking with it in the parking lot.

Pretty swank, huh?

If I'm not mistaken, I now have the key to a great number of motorcycles out there. Just proves to me how important it is to lock the bike down to something.


Jim said...

Anyone want to go to DC? I know where we can borrow a motorcycle to go joy riding on.

scientist 1 said...

Don't forget your bolt cutters, to cut the chain that is cemented into the street.