Thursday, August 20, 2009

Back to lab today for the first time in almost a week, in many ways I love ACS meetings, in many ways my liver hates them.

A few weeks ago an acquaintance was in town for a night as he passed through, so Liam and I took him out to Adams Morgan for some drinks. While we were there he got flyered, and spent some time trying to pass it off on someone else for fun, while we made fun of him. Eventually I had a look at the flyer, which was covered in scantily clad chicks, so I kept it for later inspection. It's been sitting on my desk at home ever since, and periodically I pick it up and and check it out. This amazing little card never seems to disappoint and has revealed something new to me on almost every occasion.

hubba, hubba

Of course I grabbed it cause it's covered in scantily clad hot chicks, but the nature of the chicks is pretty intriguing, as well. All are black, all have pretty significant booty, and pretty much all are facing away from the camera or otherwise presenting their assets. "Birthday Sex Bash", "U Turn Me Out Sex Bash" ... wow! Now that's advertising!

Notice the completely naked girl in the forefront of the first side? That's not a pole wedged betwixt her cheeks, it's a sword.

A later assessment revealed some more details of interest, in nice small letters "No Athletic Wear" and "This is a Nigga Free Zone". Holy shit that's a bold statement.

Somehow, inexplicably, I missed what might be the best part. I was googling the names of the companies involved to see if there was any info about this place. Where was it? Is it a club, or a warehouse party-type set up? Were there police reports? I found an article describing this very flyer, which pointed out something very important I had missed. While on the front it says "Gentleman Only 25 years and Up", on the back it says "Ladies Night No Dudes Allowed 21 Years and Up". They are apparently trying to tap into a market of both chicks and dudes that want exactly the same thing in their smut! Absolutely amazing!

If that place was anywhere near here I think I would live there!


jj said...

Security provided by PG's finest? I always thought I was PG's finest! oxon hill is in south PG county, a little under halfway around the beltway for you, or straight across DC.

Mike said...

Damn. We should've went there while I was in town!

scientist 1 said...

Told you it was awesome.

Jim said...

Always knew Mike liked that ghetto booty.

Mike said...


scientist 1 said...

I think I see a new ad campaign for the Brothers of Swagg:

"Hot enough to turn a gay man straight!"

They would probably use Hott, but I think you get the idea.

Jim said...

So do you guys have the "tenents of C-H functionalization logic" down yet?

scientist 1 said...

What does that have to do with sweet, sweet booty?