Tuesday, May 12, 2009

hot twig action

Now that I've beaten down my pile of journals I'm really going against my nature and keeping on top of them. This little beauty is from last year, but at least it hasn't been on my desk languishing for all that time.

People in general are into all sorts of weird shit, but as soon as the weirdness is something sexual it becomes taboo, and everyone wants to discuss it while denying any odd proclivities on their part. Perhaps not unexpectedly sexual deviation in the animal kingdom is rare, most likely due to a combination of lower occurrence and lack of documentation, but occasionally it shows up while some bio guy is there with a camera.

Science, 2008, 320, 591

The event went on for 45 min, which makes me wonder if it was at all like a bunch of guys sitting around watching a porn. 5-10 minutes of excitement, 10-15 minutes of discomfort upon realization that you are aroused when surrounded by nothing but people you can't/won't involve in any sexual activity, and then boredom until the event is over.

The stick business makes total sense though, who doesn't want some good lumber every now and then.


Jim said...

got some hot twig last night

Mike said...

Congrats to the newly minted Dr. Jim!

scientist 1 said...

HEY!! Congratulations Dr. Jim!