Sunday, April 26, 2009

reading. yay.

I accidentally porked myself, and ran out of 2-propanol this week. When we ran low I sent in a request from stock, who happened to be out, and then put in a drop-ship order from Aldrich which hasn't arrived yet.

I'm in the middle of crystallizing and recrystallizing a couple hundred grams of compound, so I really don't want to start screwing around with something else. To utilize the time since I went dry on Friday until tomorrow I've been catching up on some sweet sweet reading. My massive pile of journals has really taken a hit this week.

Bet you didn't realize there was a speaker back there, did you?

In my little fantasy world, this pile will go away soon, and I will then stay on top of the reading in a more consistent manner. Unfortunately the pragmatist in me realizes it is much more likely that I will be so incredibly sick of reading this shit that I will let it pile right back up again.


Mike said...

I was hoping that something more fun would be hiding behind your a set of longhorns made out of dildos.

scientist 1 said...

I gave those away long ago, and haven't heard anything about them since. In fact I had completely forgotten about them until I was going through some old photos and found the pics I took while making them.

Dr. Miller said...

Why read Science? I refuse to learn anything outside of my very narrow niche.

scientist 1 said...

As little as I like to admit it, I don't really "read" most of them. The top 3, I've already read in ASAP, and they get skimmed. The less interesting/useful ones I just look at the table of contents, and cherry pick good articles. If it really had anything useful in it, I should have seen it in ISI alerts already.

Science and Nature are almost the only ones I pick up and look at every page (that isn't advertising).

At least it isn't C&EN.